Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? What Do You Think?

Most of the times it do happen that you are not able to understand the fact that can dogs eat pineapple or not! As you would make the search of harmful fruits for the dogs then almost all the fruits comes in your way that might make it intricate for you to pick the best one. Let’s find out whether pineapple is risky for teh dogs or not right through this guideline this website Dog Carion

Is It Safe For Dogs to Eat Pineapple?

            Raw pineapple is added with the richness of the fiber and natural sugar that would be leaving out with some of the negative consequences for your dog. Sometimes it do happen that ingesting excessive amount of the fiber will lead the dog to start facing with some of the digestive issues such as constipation. On the same side, too much consumption of the sugar would lead to the obesity and issues of diabetes. You should always be keeping your mind alert with the fact that dogs digestive system would never be able to consume with the sugar. The excess use of the sugar would be leading to the conditions to upset their stomach. Plus, you also need to consider the point that before you feed the pineapple to youd dog, you should remove off the spiky pineapple skin and tough core. These are two major parts of the pineapple that are not considered to be safe for the dog as to chew it up. You should just be offering them with the fleshy section of the fruit to your dog. As you would be feeding your dog with the pineapple for the very first time, you should just be feeding them with the small slice. You should wait for few hours and see how your dog would respond on that small slice.

can dogs eat pineapple

How Pineapple Is Bad For Dogs?

                   Sometimes feeding your dog with too much of the pineapple can turn out to be dangerous as well. Some of the pineapple are rich with the amount of fiber and as the dogs would consume it, they can move into the condition of having constipation. It is a known fact that fiber is added with the water and hence this can lead to the constipation. Additionally the amount of sugar and acids in the pineapple can come across to be harmful for the dogs too. This extra amount of sugar can bring health problems for the dogs including with obesity and diabetes. Moreover the acidic nature of pineapples can lead to tooth decay.

So you need to make sure that you are feeding your dog with the pineapple as few times in a week or once in a week. Feeding pineapple in moderation do always come out with the best results as it would be keeping them away from the health issues alot continue reading this

We hope that this post would have come about to be informative for you to learn that can dogs eat pineapple or not! Are you ready to serve your dog with pineapple?